Monday, August 17, 2009

Who needs a menu when it's on the wall?

Here's the menu at my local coffee shop (see previous photos). The prices are in Dong. The exchange rate is around 18,000 Dong to the USD at the moment. And here's the translation:

Black coffee 6,000
Iced Coffee 8,000
Hot coffee with milk 7,000
Iced coffee with milk 10,000
Milk 1,000
Soy Milk 6,000
Hot lemon juice 4,000
Iced Lemonade 6,000
Coke 6,000
Rootbeer 6,000
Lipton tea 4,000
Fresh squeezed OJ 12,000
Salted plum soda with sugar 7,000
Green Tea 9,000
Sting (soda?) 8,000
Iced Tea 2,000

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