Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rooftop view of Saigon

Out house is 10 stories. Count: 10!

1) entrance and shoe/ bike parking

2) only a few steps up but i still count it- a room that no one uses
except there is a large wooden bed/ chest and lots of water bottles

3) tv room with fridge

4) kitchen and permanent renter who plays online poker all day

5) my bedroom

6) 2nd bedroom

7) online poker player's bedroom

8) 4th bedroom

9) washing machine, hammock and outdoor patio

10) rooftop with water heater, water tank/ tower and This view.

Amazingly, this view is blocked from levels 9 and below because all
the other homes nearby are the same height! I'm guessing 100 feet to
the top, but that could be an under estimate.

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