Monday, August 24, 2009

Naked baby posters are popular

The guy holding the posters walks around town trying to make a sale.
His cover posters were two naked babies, one spreading his legs. I
asked Linh who would buy something like that and then a man having
coffee waived the gentlmam over, to have a laugh I guessed. After
examining the naked baby a while, he asked to see some more and then
settled on the original one. I guess the salesman k ows what sells in
Saigon. I just wish I knew why. Linh says it's probably just because
they think it's cute. And again I want to know why anyone would want a
poster of a naked baby with his weenie out, no matter how cute it is.
A little help here?


  1. IMHO: sad brief truth is that there are more perverts out there than we would want to imagine. long as he is only looking at pix it's ok...