Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hair cut

Getting my haircut and the local guy around the corner from my old
house. Charges 20,000 dongers. I've been going to him for over a year
now, whenever I'm in town. The guy in the cubbyhole off the sidewalk
near our new pad charges less but he always has a line waiting on the
sidewalk. And plus the one time he was free when I was ready to get a
chop chop he was too busy playing Chinese chess, so I just left. My
regular guy has a northern accent. So many z's were coming out his
mouth he could pass for French. The only part I really understood was
that he liked my iPhone, and since he didn't make a lot of money he
wanted me to either give him mine or buy one for him. The other part
of the conversation I understood was that he's worked here cutting
hair for 10 years. Everyone says they come here for work, but I've got
to guess there are haircutting jobs up in Hanoi as well. Maybe it's
just easier here to open your own place? Oh, one more note for the
memory bank, he always smiles when I walk by and gives me a thumbs up.
Today he shook my hand about 3 times. And he has one really long thumb
nail almost same length as the thumb itself.

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