Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saigon get-away

This resort/ pool/ eating area is the closest thing to escape in the
city. BBQ along water and dip in the pool not pictured. The pool guy
came up to me after I moved on of pool chairs so there was space for 3
of us to sit. You might think he was coming to help. But he told me to
move it back. I asked why. He said so there would be 2 chairs together
like the others. But no one was using them and there were three of us
I said. Where should one of us sit? Over there he said. After a bit of
this we just ignored him and he went away. It's a heirarchial thing I
suppose and he's supposed to enforce the rules and not consider other
possibilities. Rules are rules. At least he was kind enough to let it
go. Drying the towel on the side wall wasn't allowed though. At all.

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